Sunday, February 13, 2011

By Degrees...

I haven't posted an image recently. but as the painting is in a state where one has to look rather closely to see what progress has been made, I figured there wasn't much to show. I've eliminated most of the bad lines in my underdrawing at this point, and I'm close to laying in the white underglaze on the skin, to even out the underpainting further and increase the smoky look of the shadows. I've continued toning the dress and arms a bit, and am in the process of completing the shadowing on the threads of the embroidered neckline of the guarnello. I also have refined the white sleeve top that shows through the silk at Lisa's left shoulder (viewer's right)

I'm still quite unhappy with the Azurite and Lapis pigments, and may try regrinding them in a mortar and pestle to refine them further. the graininess has made it difficult to paint the mid-ground landscape well, and I'm not happy with the Lapis glazes in the sky. it's like painting with sand!