Friday, December 2, 2011

A New Picture!

Hey! I HAVE been working on Mona! This image shows the current state of the panel. Mona's been waiting patiently as I've been out of town working for some time.

This shot shows layers of semi-transparent and transparent glazes on the panel especially in the face. I did two layers of white lead mixed with a little vermillion to mute the underpainting and give a luminous surface to the flesh tones. The white lead mixture and the subsequent glazes of italian burnt umber and black were mixed with sandarac resin and walnut oil to make the glazes.
I'm continuing to refine the underpainting on the rest of the painting as well as the finishing on landscape areas. I've found a supplier of Lapis Lazuli that I'm happy with, and will likely repaint the sky once I have new Lapis paint ground.