Wednesday, November 3, 2010

...aaaaand; Time To Dry!

Here's Lisa as of now, shot at pretty high resolution so you can see the image much bigger if you'd like. I've blocked in the basic sky tone and blended it around the hair, trying to keep all edges blurred. I'm also still playing with the shadows on the face, evening them up for the time that I'll apply a lead white and vermillion mixture to soften and even everything up in preparation for the final glazes of color to pull out all the complex shadows. I've also begun blocking in the dress and I've done a little more work on the chair and the walls of the parapet. The entire surface is at a point where the panel needs to dry a while, so I'm going to start preparing the cartoon for the hero panel (ah, did you forget I was doing TWO copies?) and I'll transfer the cartoon to the hero panel and begin the underpainting for that. I'm planning on quite a few adjustments, based on the things I learned on the test panel, and I'll post pictures to show the difference!

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