Friday, December 28, 2012

Here's the Latest!

This is a shot of Mona as she sits right now... I've begun distressing the gold on the frame using steel wool, sandpaper and an agate burnisher; rubbing and abrading the gold away as needed. I'm formulating a colored glaze to rub over the frame to lend a "dirt in the crevasses" look to finish the antiquing. The frame and the back of the panel are nearly finished.
The paper framing tape has been applied to the back of the panel and distressed. Just a couple touches to finish that up! The painting, when framed in the flexible frame and the decorative frame combined, weighs in at 35 pounds! Crazy! I'm looking into having a display case made, so that the back of the panel is visible while the painting is being displayed. Next, however, will be to place Mona back in her temporary flex frame, which I use when I'm actually applying paint to panel, and beginning the final passes at detailing the dress!

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