Friday, October 22, 2010

...a little more!

Here's a progress shot of the painting as it stands now. I've continued modeling forms on Lisa's face, and I'll begin shaping her hands shortly. The sleeves on the dress will be underpainted all the way up to where they tie onto the bodice of her dress, then layers of black silk gauze will be painted over the top of the finished upper sleeves. I'm thinking it'll be good to lay the color in on the sky before I do much painting on her hair, and may start to indicate the mountains in the background at that time. After the paint on her face dries, I'll begin layering glazes of color into the darker shadows on her face. Then, a layer of white with a little vermillion will be put over the modeling, letting a hint of the undercolor show through. Glazes of color to deepen the flesh tones and model things further will finish the face. There are areas in the shadows on the original where researchers estimate there are 40 layers of glazes present!

I've been reading and re-reading Daniel Thompson's great book on Tempera painting and gleaning much information on possible technique from that.

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