Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Progress

This is Mona as she sits now, so to speak. I've added a wash of yellow ochre over the entire panel, as I believe from analyzing unfinished works by Leonardo that the yellow in his underpainting doesn't seem to be aging of the paint layer, but an imprimatura wash of yellow. I've also done some washes of thin black over many areas to tone them darker prior to painting detail in the underpainting. I do a little, then let the paint dry a few days, then do a little more. I've also done plenty of work with a fan blender to help smooth transitions between tones. There are a couple of spots where I didn't let the underlying paint dry enough, and in my haste, smudged the underpainting. Once the darks are established, I'll lay in the light tones as a white lead and vermillion wash over the flesh areas, and then begin adding color.

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